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Welcome to Vital Aviation Ltd.

Nanaimo, BC

...a Flight Training School with a different attitude...a different philosophy

Most other flying schools try to get you into the aeroplane to generate revenue as soon as possible. The idea is to get you hooked before you become disenchanted with all the study required or before you run out of money. It produces quick financial results for the school, but ultimate disappointment and higher cost for the students.

At Vital, we approach it the other way around: we insist that you start with the ground training. Students don’t even get in the aeroplane until they know what they are doing and are fully aware of all the traps and pitfalls that can frustrate them and cost them a lot of money!

90 % of students drop out... find out why before you start. Shop carefully!

The goal of this website is not to convince you to fly with Vital - but to give you our best advice for starting a successful aviation training program wherever you learn.

(See our page “Tips for non-Vital students”)

Vital Aviation Ltd.
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