Vital Aviation – Flight Training

A Flight Training School with a different attitude…a different philosophy

Our practical approach to training provides a solid foundation of knowledge, decision-making, and piloting skills that are essential to success for any pilot, whether flying privately or commercially. The school has trained many high-quality pilots for commuter services, airlines, bush operators and the military.

Vital Aviation – Sightseeing Flights

At Vital Aviation we also offer local sightseeing flights. For more information, click on the link “Sightseeing Flights” below!

Meet our Instructors…

Lynda Brown
Chief Flight Instructor (CFI), Class 1 Flight Instructor

Chief Flight Instructor, Class 1, Designated Flight Test Examiner for Transport Canada, and Authorized Person

Lynda has been training pilots for over 38 years. She has flown over 20,000 hours in over 25 different types of aircraft.

Her dream aircraft is a Pilatus PC-12, but her favorite is a Corsair.

Tony Appels
Class 1 Flight Instructor and Aircraft Maintenance Manager

Tony comes to Vital Aviation with a diverse background as a pilot and aeronautical engineer.  After a 27-year military career, he retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force in 2013 and spent the next 7 years as an aviation professor at the School of Aviation at Seneca College and as a pilot for WestJet Encore.  Tony has been active as a pilot and flight instructor for over 25 years and has a passion for teaching others to fly.  He holds an Airline Transport Pilots License endorsed with a Group 1 Instrument Rating and a Class 1 Flight Instructor Rating and has logged over 5,000 flight hours in 30 different aircraft types.

Ian Chomeczko
Class 3 Flight Instructor

Ian is a Class III Instructor who completed his PPL, CPL and Instructor Rating with Vital Aviation, and has been a valued member of our team since early 2021.   We wish Ian the very best as he moves onto his next career step as an airline pilot.

Daniel Judge
Class 4 Flight Instructor

Daniel completed his PPL, CPL and Instructor Rating with Vital Aviation, and we are pleased he has rejoined Vital as a flight instructor in May 2022

Jon Hart
Class 4 Flight Instructor

Jon completed his Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, and Flight Instructor training with Vital, and joined our team as a flight instructor in October 2022

Jennifer Hewlitt
Office Administrator

Jennifer is our Office Administrator and Dispatcher.  She has a keen interest in aviation and is training for her Private Pilot Licence, with an eye on becoming a professional pilot