Vital Aviation is continuing to take appropriate precautions to ensure the continuing health and safety of our staff and students:

Ground School Activities

  • Our ground school will operate with a managed class size in order to ensure suitable distancing between students
  • Students who experience any illness are required to absent themselves from classes until they are no longer symptomatic
  • No coffee or other beverages are available on-site. Students are encouraged to bring their own beverages but must take any bottles or cups home

Flight Operations

  • Booking times are being managed to control the number of people in the school facilities at any one time
  • No loitering in the building will be permitted before or after the booking
  • Students are required to provide their own pens and pencils
  • Students will be required to acknowledge, in their Pilot Training Record, that they have been double-vaccinated against COVID

Vaccination Status

  • Vital Aviation continues to require that all students show proof of double vaccination prior to enrollment in flight training or Ground School. This precautionary measure is to ensure the continuing health and safety of our students and staff.

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