Lynda Brown

Chief Flight Instructor, Class 1, Designated Flight Test Examiner for Transport Canada, Authorized Person

Lynda “mothers” everyone and loves to tell how women are easier to train as pilots than men.

Tony Appels

Flight Instructor, Class 1

Tony comes to Vital Aviation with a diverse background as a pilot and aeronautical engineer.  After a 27-year military career, he retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force in 2013 and spent the next 7 years as an aviation professor at the School of Aviation at Seneca College and as a pilot for WestJet Encore.  Tony has been active as a pilot and flight instructor for over 25 years and has a passion for teaching others to fly.  He holds an Airline Transport Pilots License endorsed with a Group 1 Instrument Rating and a Class 1 Flight Instructor Rating and has logged over 5,000 flight hours.

Time Wang

Flight Instructor, Class 3

Tim began flying in 1986 in Toronto, Ontario and obtained his private licence in 1987. He received his instructor rating in 1989 and taught at Buttonville Airport until 1996. He changed careers to join the RCMP, retiring in 2017 and renewed his flight instructor rating in 2018.

His favorite motto:  “Better be on the ground wishing you were up there rather than being up there wishing your were on the ground!”

Jonathan Bloomquist

Flight Instructor, Class 4

Jonathan completed his Commercial Pilots Licence, Multi-IFR, Float Rating, and Flight Instructor Rating in the Lower Mainland and now lives and works on Vancouver Island. Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Jonathan has a background in Mechanical Engineering and Project Management but decided to make a change in 2015 and move to the west coast to pursue a career in aviation. He is a graduate of the BCIT Airline and Flight Operations – Commercial Pilot Program.

His favorite motto: “Onward and Upward”