Vital Aviation, in coordination with WorkSafeBC and the Provincial Health Officer, is taking the following precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and students as we continue our flight training operations:

Ground School Activities

  • Our ground school will operate with a reduced class size with chair positions marked for appropriate distancing
  • Hand washing prior to and at the end of the class will be required
  • a mask, either purchased, home-made or cloth scarf, must be worn over the nose and mouth
  • No coffee or other beverages are available on-site. Students are encouraged to bring their own beverages but must take any bottles or cups home
  • Chairs, tables and door handles will be sanitized after each class

Flight Operations

  • Booking times will be staggered to minimize crossover between instructors and students
  • No more than 2 students in the building when practicable and no loitering before or after the booking
  • Hand sanitization immediately upon entry
  • Critical office areas will be sanitized frequently through out the day (spray or wipe down). A record of cleaning frequency will be kept
  • Instructors are to do pre-flight inspection and complete the journey log entry
  • Students are required to provide their own pen and take it home with them
  • Masks are to be worn by the instructor and student in addition to solo flights (NO MASK = NO FLIGHT)
  • Controls such as yoke, door handles and push-to-talk button to be wiped down for every flight on the student side
  • Instructor to use same plane for the day if possible to minimize right side sanitization
  • Instructors will be responsible for changing radio frequencies to minimize contact with equipment sensitive to moisture
  • Students will be required to acknowledge, in their pilot training record, the Vital requirements that also includes a statement regarding the student’s health that declares that they do not have any COVID related health Symptoms

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