Commercial Pilot Licence

If you want to become a professional pilot, the next step after completing your Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). You can work towards a CPL at Vital at your own pace with one of our qualified instructors. A CPL allows you to:

  • operate single pilot, non-high-performance aeroplanes under Visual Flight Rules for hire or reward while employed by the holder of an Air Operator Certificate
  • Exercise the privileges of a PPL, night rating and VFR OTT rating


  • Minimum 18 years of age upon completion
  • Valid Private Pilots Licence – Aeroplane
  • Valid Category 1 Medical Certificate

Training Requirements

  • Have completed a minimum of 200 hours total flight time in aeroplanes including:
    • a minimum of 100 hours pilot-in-command time
    • a minimum of 20 hours cross-country pilot-in-command time
  • Post-PPL, have completed a Commercial Pilot Licence Course consisting of the following:
    • Complete a minimum of 80 hours of Commercial Pilot Ground School.
    • A minimum of 35 hours dual time which shall include:
      • 20 hours of dual instrument instruction
      • 5 hours of dual cross country
      • 5 hours of dual night (including 2 hours night cross country
    • A minimum of 30 hours solo time which shall include:
      • 5 hours of solo night
      • A 300 NM solo cross country flight
  • Successfully completed a flight test to the standard outlined in the Flight Test Standard – Commercial Licence – Aeroplane
  • Obtained a minimum of 60% on the written examination for Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane (CPAER)

Costs for the Commercial Pilot Licence Course

CPL Training Cost
Ground schoolGround school training is done through Check site for cost details.$300 (confirm on website)
Dual Flight Training
35 @ $300/hr (includes instructor @$70/hr)
Solo Flight Training30 hours @ $230/hr$6,900
Dual Ground BriefingEstimated 10 hours @$70/hr$700
TotalTotal Minimum Training Costs $18,400